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Published Dec 15, 20
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Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne reigns as the number one bestselling cigar in the brand’s portfolio. What gives 10th Anniversary Champagne its edge is its butterscotch-hued Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf. Inside, a creamy blend of aged Nicaraguan long-fillers rests in a collection of thicker ring gauge shapes. Tasting notes of cedar, nuts, white pepper, and blonde roast coffee layers the palate with rich flavor and aroma without overpowering the senses.

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The blend is also called Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged because each wrapper is aged for several months in a bourbon barrel. Underneath is a select blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos aged for a minimum of six years. Tasting notes include silky and nutty profiles (Habano Connecticut), woody and spicy flavors (Sun Grown), and dark roasted coffee beans and cocoa (Maduro).

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The blend is also handcrafted in a collection of fatter shapes in three signature Perdomo wrappers: Ecuador Connecticut, Maduro, and Sun Grown. 20th Anniversary Maduro is the most popular with its medium to full-bodied finish and notes of semi-sweet espresso and dark chocolate. Perdomo Lot 23 is prized for its budget-friendly prices and its five-year-aged blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos cultivated from a single field pioneered for production back in 2000 by Nick Jr.’s father, Nick Perdomo Sr.

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The original Lot 23 is an all-Nicaraguan Puro that delivers notes of spices and wood. Lot 23 Connecticut is creamy and elegant with a touch of sweetness and cedar in the finish. And Lot 23 Maduro reveals succulent notes of mocha, molasses, and black pepper courtesy of its Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. scotchcigars.com.

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For the first ten years, each component of the cigar is bale-aged while the final two years is dedicated to aging the tobaccos in a bourbon barrel. Refined texture, color, and taste reveal notes of caramel and cedar (Connecticut), oak, spices, and almonds (Sun Grown), and a chewy profile of dark cocoa, maple, and mesquite (Maduro).

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Mild and mellow notes of cedar and coffee with cream characterize Vintage Connecticut. A long and lingering finish is preceded by notes of cayenne, wood, and leather in the Sun Grown wrapper. Bold, woody, and complex notes of espresso beans, earth, and spices harbor a touch of sweetness thanks to an oily Nicaraguan wrapper in Estate Seleccion Vintage Maduro.

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Nick Perdomo, Sr would not want to hear that you, or anyone, for that matter, took one of his cigars in hand without the cigar accessories necessary to properly do justice to the products of the Perdomo factory. If you make off today with some new from our site that you can’t wait to try, make sure you stock up on the essentials if you are lacking any.

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There are many other amazing Perdomo blends in our collection that are worthy of notice, and we have only limited space here. With that being said, if you would like a little more personalized guidance in picking out some of them, whether for you or someone else, get in touch with our team today at 800-887-7877.

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Perdomo Cigars - Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father, who were both cigar-makers in Cuba, Nick Perdomo Jr. abandoned a career as an air traffic controller in Miami to pursue his passion for cigars by opening his own cigar company. He began working out of his garage in 1992, as Nick’s Cigars, just as the cigar industry of the 1990s began to take shape.

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The Perdomo 'sqaured' cigars were one of the first box-pressed cigars to hit the market during this period. By 1997, his cigar company had outgrown its modest Miami facility. It was then moved to Ybor City for a brief period before finding a new home for its production facility in Nicaragua.

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came out of retirement to help establish a new factory in Esteli. When the production demands continued growing a second custom-built factory in Esteli became the company’s new home in 1999. By 2001, the Perdomo cigars factory, Tabacalera Perdomo employed 650 people and was projected to make 10 million cigars for the year.

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Today’s Perdomo cigars are produced at an 88,000-square-foot facility in Estelí, Nicaragua. It’s known to locals as "El Monstro" (The Monster). Perdomo cigars are available in mellow to full-bodied strengths and feature a wide variety of profiles and wrapper shades. We offer Perdomo cigars including the Perdomo Reserve Champagne, Perdomo Habano, Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown, Perdomo Cigarillos, and more at the lowest prices online.

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Perdomo No one in the industry makes cigars like Nick Perdomo. Enjoy the great taste of the Perdomo cigars which are handmade in Nicaragua using exceedingly strict quality control standards overseen by Nick himself. Shop for the best type of Perdomo cigars like the La Tradicion Perdomo Reserve Cameroon a sweet and spicy medium to full-bodied blend, or other Perdomo's like Maduro, Silvio, Golf Edtion and more.

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Now in the most recent years Perdomo became available here, the company I used to work for distributed them so I tried several new Perdomo lines and even though its been a long time since I smoked that Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro, in my mind it’s still a great cigar.

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Now, what I remember from the conversation I had with Nick Perdomo about this cigar at Intertabac years ago, is that all the tobacco comes from a specific piece of one of his fields, lot 23, and the line started as an experiment. I guess the experiment was a success since the line had been available on the market for years and with three different wrappers, a Connecticut Shade, a Sun Grown (or Habano as its called in the USA) and this maduro wrapper and in an array of sizes.

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As all the tobacco comes from Lot 23, which is on a farm in Nicaragua this is automatically a Nicaraguan puro. In the cellophane and with my humidor lights the cigar didn’t look at that dark but once I get it out of the cellophane and in good light I notice how dark and oily the wrapper is, it’s almost black.

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The construction is great with a neatly placed triple cap. The ring is about an inch in height, it’s pretty simple with a thick brown ring at the top and bottom and beige in between. On the top brown line it says Perdomo in beige letters, the bottom says Esteli, Nicaragua.

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The paper is quite thick and has some embossing. The aroma is medium strong and all I can say is barnyard. I punched the cigar, the cold draw is great. I taste a mild pepper with some cocoa. Right after carefully lighting the cigar with my Ronson varaflame I taste Cuban coffee, strong yet sweet.